How to prepare your child for Presidency School, Nandini Layout Interview ?

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How to prepare your child for Presidency School, Nandini Layout Interview ?:
Most of the parents will have a dream of getting their little one admitted to a Good school and admission to such schools will not always a cake walk. One should be ready and prepared for such interview along with their child.
You can make use of the play school to get admission to such school. They will build platform for such interview. The presidency school with a very good track record of being number one in Bangalore in terms of result ( I.C.S.E.) COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS
For admission to Pre-Kg the child must possess 2 years 10 months as on 31st of May 2015 for the current year. Even single day is less means you cannot get the admission call only. With application form one must submit Child Birth certificate. If you don’t have one get it ready well in advance as the admission process will commence by October of every year for the admission to next  academic year.
Once application is submitted kindly wait for call from the school for interview. It is always advisable that both parents must attend interview with their child. This always shows your seriousness towards your child and their education.
How to prepare your child ?
Your child will be around 2.3 years to 2.6 years by the time you go for interview, the common problem would be answering to question by a strangers. You must mingle your child with many strangers making them to answer their questions boldly. Like what is your name ? what is your mother’s name ? what is your father’s name ? etc….
Many of the child mayn’t feel comfortable in expressing or answering questions to a strangers in our case interviewer at the School .Even though teacher will make sure your child will be felt comfortable and ask questions.
Familiarize your child with all colors. Teach the colors by objects so they will remembers and answer the exact colors.
Teach your child with objects like cow, Helicopters, Aeroplanes,Cow,Car,Van etc..Your child may be asked to pick it and place it back into their exact shape.
Your child must be able to write circle and standing and sleeping lines.
Teach your child one or two rhymes which will be easy for them to tell and make a practice of singing once some one asks. Youtube is the best place to make them sing at home and anyway play schools will help to learn those things for your child.
Show some objects and ask your child what is it ? Like sun , Moon, Stars etc…
Get some building blocks and ask your child to build it on it’s own some time your child may be asked to build the block.
Interview for parents:
Parents will should be ready to answer their intention of getting their child admitted and their occupation, and salary. When it comes to mother they want to make sure that mother has sufficient time to spend for their child.

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