How your form 16 looks like ? Is my form 16 in Correct form ?

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How your form 16 looks like ?:

There is a basic question amount tax payer specially those whose tax has been deducted by the employer as an employee or as a consultant ( Form 16A). It is the duty of the employer to deduct TDS and pay it to the account of the employee and make sure quarterly return is filed and credit of the tax deducted to passed on to the respective pan of the employee.

Failure to do so will attract legal penalty as per Income tax Act.

Many of the times employer will issue form 16 showing tax deducted and paid but those are not true as per Income tax records. It will land employee in trouble and he will be asked to pay the tax if the TDS credit has not taken place. To over come this issue traces has come up which shows the tax credit in each of their 23AS  Tax credit statement which can be viewed from the Income tax e-filing website which is highlighted below.


Now form 16 will be downloaded from the traces website which looks like the pic enclosed below. No employer can issue form 16 in his own format and it is not valid as well. Traces downloaded form 16 will bear digital signature of the responsible person and can be validated online
You can verify the correct format of form 16 which is given below.



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