Who is exempt from Professional Tax payment in Karnataka ?

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Who is exempt from Professional Tax payment in Karnataka ?:
The following class of persons are exempted from payment of  Profession Tax.
a. All charitable and philanthropic hospitals or nursing homes situated in places below the taluk level in all districts of the State except Bangalore and Bangalore Rural District.
b. Directors of Companies registered in Karnataka and nominated by the financing agencies owned or controlled by the State Government or by other statutory bodies.
c. Foreign technicians employed in the State provided their appointments are approved by the Government of India for the purpose of exemption from payment of income tax for the said period( exemption is for a period of 2 years from the date of their joining duty).
d. Combatant and civilian non combatant members of the Armed Forces who are governed by the Army Act, the Navy Act and the Air Force Act.
e. Salaried or wage earning blind persons.
f. Salaried or wage earning deaf and dumb persons
g. Holders of permits of single taxi or single three wheeler goods vehicle.
h. Institutes teaching Kannada or English Shorthand or Typewriting.
i. A Physically handicapped person not less than 40% of permanent disability (subject to production of certificate from the HOD of Government Civil Hospital).
j. An ex-serviceman not falling under Sl No.1 of the Schedule.
k. A person having single child and who has undergone sterilization operation, subject to production of a certificate from the District Surgeon, Government Civil Hospital, for having undergone such operation.
l. Central Para Military Force (CPMF) Personnel.
m. Persons running educational institutions in respect of their branches teaching classes upto twelfth standard or pre-University Education

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