NRI Can Vote in India? | Voting power for NRI | Enrollment for NRI

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NRI Can Vote in India?:


The government has plan to consider the issue of granting voting rights to Non-Resident Indians and suggestions have been submitted to the Election Commission on the matter, Union minister for overseas Indian affairs said on Sunday.
Speaking to reporters here, he said there was a provision in the existing rules which said that a person not residing in the country for more than six months will have no right to vote.
The law ministry and overseas Indian affairs ministry had suggested to the Election Commission that NRIs could apply for vote through e-mail if they possessed Indian passports, Ravi said.
“The law minister and I had a detailed discussion to see that a system is devised for the NRIs to register their names. We have come out with a procedure through which all NRIs can through e-mail get in touch with their respective Indian embassies and register with the help of their passport,” said Ravi.
Like in the case of regular voters, the suggestion was that political parties could register complaints in case of doubts in the identity of any voter, he said.

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