What next after Windows XP retirement ? Alternate to Windows operating system

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As per the Official communication received from Microsoft Windows XP will get retired by April 8th 2014. What it means ? It means Microsoft will not provide any support or updates to Windows XP. It is more than decade operating system and most loved OS among the users.

37% of computer users world wide use Windows XP and it commands second position first being Windows 7 which accounts for 44.49% most popular operating system in the world.

Post retirement of Windows XP users have option to upgrade to Windows-7 or Windows 8 as available or use altarnative to Windows OS like Kubuntu 13.10 ,Ubuntu ,Mac,The Linux Desktop,Chrome OS etc..

But it again depends to what extent these alternatives provide 100% replacement of windows OS and other MS office application.

But it’s a time to either upgrade or switch to alternative to windows OS. It is always recommended to buy genuine OS the way is also mentioned in one of our posting as  to How to procure windows license legally ?

Most of the online portals sells cheaper OS in the name of genuine windows key with copied media but they are not original. Make sure you ask for certificate of Microsoft stating these licenses are genuine or else you will be in trouble when it comes of Assessment of software license.

One must keep proof of purchase of software as the key alone will not suffice the requirement of Genuine purchase. Make sure to save scan copy in your email or some sharing portals.


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