How to enroll for voter list in India ?

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General Instructions
Who can file Form-6
1. First time applicant on attaining age of 18years or more on the first day of January of the year with
reference to which the electoral roll is being revised.
2. Person shifting his / her place of ordinary residence outside the constituency in which he / she is already
When Form-6 can be filed 
1. The application can be filed after draft publication of electoral roll of the constituency. The application is to be filed within the specific days provided for the purpose. Due publicity is given about the above period
when the revision programme is announced.
2. Only one copy of the application is to be filed.
3. Application for inclusion of name can be filed through out the year even when the revision programme is
not going on. During non-revision period, application must be filed in duplicate.
Where to file Form-6
1. During revision period, the application can be filed at the designated locations where the draft electoral roll is displayed (mostly polling station locations) as well as the Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant
Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency.
2. During other period of the year when revision programme is not going on, the application can be filed only
with the Electoral Registration Officer.
How to Fill the Form-6
1. The application should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which you
seek registration. The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space.
2. Name (With Documentary Proof)
The name as it should appear in the electoral roll and Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) should be
furnished. The full name except the surname should be written in the first box and surname should be
written in the second box. In case you do not have a surname, just write the given name. Caste should not
be mentioned except where the caste name is used as part of the elector’s name or a surname. Honorific
appellations like Shri, Smt. Kumari, Khan, Begum, Pandit etc. should not be mentioned.
3. Age (With Documentary Proof)
The age of the applicant should be eighteen or more on 1st  January of the year with reference to which the
electoral roll is being revised. The age should be indicated in years and months. e.g. A person born on or upto 1/1/1991 will be eligible for inclusion in the electoral roll which is being revised with reference to 1/1/2009. Persons born on 2/1/1991 or thereafter upto 1/1/1992 shall be eligible for inclusion during the
next revision with reference to 1/1/2010.
4. Sex
Write your sex in full in the space provided e.g. Male / Female. Eunuchs have to choose from one of these
5. Date of Birth (With Documentary Proof)
Fill up the date of birth in figures in the space provided in dd/mm/yyyy.
Proof of date of birth to be attached are as under:
(i) Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of
Births & Deaths or Baptism certificate; or
(ii) Birth certificate from the school (Govt. / Recognised) last attended by the applicant or
any other recognised educational institution; or
(iii) Illiterate or semi-illiterate applicant who is not in possession of any of the above
document are required to attach a declaration in prescribed format by either of the
parents already included in the electoral roll in support of the applicants age. The
format will be supplied on demand.
N.B. In the case of applicants born on or after 26.01.1989, only birth certificate issued by the
Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths is acceptable.
6. Place of Birth
In case born in India, please mention name of place like Village / Town, District, State.
7. Relation’s Name:
In case of unmarried female applicant, name of Father / Mother is to be mentioned. In case of married
female applicant, name of Husband is to be mentioned. Strike out the inapplicable options in the column.
8. Place of Ordinary Residence
Fill up the full and complete postal address including PIN code where you are ordinarily residing and want
to get registered, in the space provided.
Proof of ordinary residence to be attached are as under:
(i) Bank / Kisan / Post Office current Pass Book, or
(ii) Applicants Ration Card / Passport / Driving License / Income Tax Assessment Order, or
(iii) Latest Water / Telephone / Electricity / Gas Connection Bill for that address, either in the
name of the applicant or that of his / her immediate relation like parents etc., or
(iv) Postal department’s posts received / delivered in the applicant’s name at the given address.
NOTE: If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of
address out of the above categories.
9. Details of Family Members Already Included in the Electoral Roll
Please fill up name and other particulars of immediate family members i.e. Father / Mother / Brother / Sister / Spouse included in the current electoral roll of the constituency. Name of any other relation like uncle, aunt, cousin brother / sisters etc. not to be mentioned.
10. Declaration
Please indicate date from which you are residing in the given address. In case the exact date is not known,
fill-up month and year. If your name is already included in the electoral roll of any other constituency, please write legibly the full
previous address with PIN code. If you already have been issued with a Photo Identity Card by the Election Commission, please mention the card number (printed on the front side) and date of issue (printed on the
back side) of the card in the space provided. Please attach a self-attested photocopy of both sides of the card.
In many places the photograph of the elector is also printed in the electoral roll. You have the option to submit one recent coloured passport-size photograph alongwith the form. The photograph will be used to print your image in the electoral roll and issue of identity card, if required. Please also give your full name and address on the acknowledgement and intimation portions.
Please give your mobile number and E-mail I.D in the Form , which is optional , as the same ,if given, may be used by the Electoral Registration Officer for further communication with the applicant whenever required.

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