Subsidized Gas cylinder cap increased from 9 to 12 per year

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“From Feb 2014 calendar month 1, every month one subsidized cylinder are going to be available to each household,” oil minister M Veerappa Moily mentioned on thursday.
Rahul Gandhi had explicit at the All India Congress Committee session that there was a need to extend the quota to twelve cylinders of 14.2-kg each.If the quota is raised to twelve, about ninety seven per cent of the LPG shoppers would be coated by subsidized LPG, oil minister M Veerappa Moily
aforementioned.Increasing the limit to twelve would end in an additional fuel grant burden of Rs 3,300 crore-4,000 crore. the govt. already incurs about Rs 46,000 large integer per annum as LPG grant.
The government had at first capped the supply of subsidized domestic L

PG cylinders to 6 per household annually in september 2012 during a bid to cut its grant bill. The quota was raised to 9 in january 2013.Consumers who have exhausted their quota ought to purchase LPG at the market price of Rs 1,258 per cylinder. subsidized LPG costs Rs 414 per cylinder in delhi.

Is this Election sops for public? The Government which keeps increasing diesel prices Rs.1 every month to reduce subsidy burden to make the price in par with market price now when it comes to LPG to get Vote in next LS election has increased the cap and the direct transfer of subsidy using AADHAR will not meets it’s purpose. Again it’s taxpayer who has to bear this extra subsidy burden.
(With inputs from PTI)

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