m-SUGAM System | How use E-sugam from your mobile?

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m-SUGAM System Mobile based Simple Uploading of Goods Arrivals & Movements:

This is the new method for getting the SUGAM No for the arrivals and movements of the goods by the traders of the Karnataka. This is the simple and easier method for getting the SUGAM No. through mobile of the traders. This system makes the traders to request for SUGAM No from the department System by sending six parameters, related to the goods arrivals and movements, through SMS to the mobile No 92433 55223. Once the information reaches this mobile number, the system will validate the details of the information and generates the SUGAM No and returns back to the sender with the SUGAM No and date of generation. The trader can pass on this number to the transporter to carry the goods and show at the Check posts. The only pre-requisite for this is the mobile number of the trader needs to be registered for m-SUGAM.

2.Request for SUGAM 
This section explains the format of SMS for requesting the SUGAM number. SMS Format:

Where KSR is Keyword for Karnataka SUGAM Request

TYPE is Type of the transaction (Within the State or Outside the State)CAT is Category of transaction (Sale/Purchase/Stock Transfer/Consignment Sale/etc)

OTHER_PARTY_TIN is the TIN of the other party, that is, TIN of Purchaser in case of Sale, TIN of Seller in case of Purchase) INV_NO is the document/Invoice Number of the transaction being carried out. INV_VAL is Value of the goods/invoice/document being carried out COMM_CODE is Commodity Code registered for SUGAM purpose by the trader on the department web-site. OTHER_PARTY_LOCATION is the place where the goods are moved to in case of SALE and goods are brought from in case of PURCHASE.Each parameter to be separated by the blank space.


The following table gives the para meters to be sent with explanation and acceptable


 2 CAT Indicates category of the transaction being carried out


SAL – After Sale
PUR – After Purchase
THP – To His Principal
SGS – To Shop /Go down/Storage
JRL – Job work/Return/Line Sales
CSD – Cons. Sale (Despatch)
CSR – Cons. Sale (Receipt)
STD – Stock Transfer (Despatch)
STR – Stock Transfer(Receipt)
OTH – Others
Indicates the TIN of the other Party.
C – Consumer/Un Reg. Dealer
TIN – 11 digits TINof the Reg. Dealer 4 INV_NO Indicates the document/invoice number of the transaction
10 Chars of ALPHANUMERIC value. Special Characters are not allowed.
Examples: 1345, A2654, EX4344
5 INV_VAL Indicates the value of the invoice/document/goods 10 Digits numeric values
E Indicates the commodity code given on the dept website for this commodity/goods
5 Digits numeric values
Indicates the place where the goods are moved to.

25 Characters


To use this service, the trader has to open the http://vat.kar.nic.in web-site and login using his/her username and password and goto ‘Reports and Help’ ‘Reg. mobile for m-SUGAM’ option. Here he/she will be asked the Mobile Numbers and other particulars for getting the SUGAM NO through SMS. The trader can register maximum 2 mobile numbers for the m-SUGAM purpose.
The trader has to log into the department web-site and register his/her commodities for SUGAM purpose using the option ‘Reports & Help’ ‘Add SUGAM Commodities’. Here, the trader has to select the commodities he/she is going use for movement of goods and note down the Commodity Codes displayed there in. These commodity codes are to be used for sending the SMS request.

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