How to lodge complaint against Unsolicited Commercial calls ?

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Good news for Telecom Subscribers, FREEDOM FROM UNWANTED CALLS
1. Complaint Reports Mechanism:
The complaint against receipt of Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) can be lodged by dialing 1909 or sending SMS to 1909. The lodging of a UCC complaint is easy. Now the complaint can be lodged through SMS by simply forwarding the UCC SMS to 1909 after appending the telephone number and date of receipt of the SMS. All Access Service Providers have also established a web-based complaint registering system and a dedicated e-mail address to receive such complain on UCC.
Register yourself as a  Telemarketer : Register yourself as a Telemarketer for telemarketing purposes. You can register yourself as a telemarketer with TRAI online through website  All telemarketer would be allotted separate number series for voice calls starting with ‘140’.
Blacklisting of unregistered Telemarketers: No Commercial call or SMS is allowed through normal telephone number. If you make an Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) from your mobile, all Telecom Resources will be disconnected in your name and your name will be entered into a Black-list and you will not get any resources for the next 2 years from any service provider
Disconnection of the entity for wham telemarketing is being carried out. If telemarketing activity is carried out through unregistered telemarketers , the firm benefiting from such telemarketing will be liable for disconnection of its telecom resources.
Do not respond to missed calls from abroad with prefix otherthan +91 Do not respond to messages like winning lottery, prizes etc. These messages could be with the intention of cheating.

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