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Vehicle number presently bid for it Bangalore:
need your vehicle to sport 1999 or 786 as registration numbers you may need to bid for it in future.Unable to address the growing demand for fancy numbers,the transport department is actively considering auctioning the numbers on the lines of neighbouring state.
The number of your preference that you get by jumping the present series is named a elaborate number.In fact,the government in February 2010 had hiked the fee for fancy numbers by up to 300 certain to avoid pressure from VIPs and VVIPs. As a result,vehicle house owners had to distribute a large Rs.75,000 for cars and public transport vehicles sporting numbers of their selection.Several rounds of discussion have taken place during this regard.Auctioning system will not solely reduce demand,it will conjointly bring sensible revenue to the department, transport minister Ramalinga Reddy told this newspaper.He aforesaid the recent auctioning of a number of numbers in Hyderabad fetched the department there a crore rupees.The system is working well in state and that we have done a study thereon.Our government is going a step ahead and getting to introduce online facility for auctioning fancy numbers, Reddy said.Ever since it demanded Rs 75,000 for the well-liked number,the transport department has attained enough in its kitty.
In 2011-12,it collected Rs 9.45 crore,in 2012-13 it got Rs 13.16 crore and in 2012-14 (up to August ) Rs 8.15 crore has been collected while the demand is on the rise.HOW FANCY will IT GET There area unit 2 series of fancy numbers running and advanced the amount assigned at intervals the running alphabet,say M,N,MA,and P,is termed a running-series number variety given out of activate demand by high-up,VVIPs by opening a brand new series is named advanced series Fancy numbers under running series value Rs half-dozen,000 for two-wheelers,Rs 20,000 for cars and Rs 30,000 for other vehicles under advanced series,its costlier for two-wheelers,the fee is Rs 25,000 and for cars and public transport vehicles,Rs 75,000

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