Is new companies Act of 2012 Applicable for December 2013 exam of Company secretary ?

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Clarification on applicability of the Companies Bill, 2012
The Companies Bill, 2012 is not applicable for the December 2013 session of examination. The syllabus for the exams would be based on the Companies Act, 1956. The highlights and important provisions of the Companies Bill, 2012 may be asked in the question papers.
But it is advisable to understand the highlights of the changes made in new act :
Highlights of the Companies Bill 
(as passed by the Lok Sabha on 18.12.12 and by the Rajya Sabha on 08.08.13)
• The Bill has 470 clauses as against 658 Sections in the existing Companies Act, 1956.
• The entire bill has been divided into 29 chapters.
• Many new chapters have been introduced, viz., Registered Valuers (ch.17); Government companies (ch. 23); Companies to furnish information or statistics (ch. 25); Nidhis (ch. 26); National Company Law Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal (ch. 27); Special Courts (ch. 28).
• The Bill is forward looking in its approach which empowers the Central Government to make rules, etc. through delegated legislation (clause 469 and others).
• The Companies Bill is the result of detailed consultative process adopted by the Government.
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