5 Errands The Internet Can Save You From

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5 Errands The Internet Can Save You From

The internet serves many purposes. You can read articles in your favorite newspaper. You can read the website of a celebrity you admire. You can also use the internet to help save you time on everyday errands.

1. Set Up Automatic Bill Pay

Forget the need to run to the post office each month with a pile of checks to buy stamps. Many banks will let you go to their website and set up automatic bill paying. You should find a prompt from your bank telling you exactly how to do this with your credit card or checking account.

2. Buy Office and School Supplies Online

No more last minute dashing to the local office supply store for an ink toner cartridge or searching aisles for exactly the right kind of notebook in a mad rush before school begins. Look up the website of your favorite office supply store. Use the website to find exactly what you need for school or your own business. Place an order and get it delivered to your workplace or home.

3. Get Access to Your Local Library’s Resources

Local libraries can be a treasure trove of useful information and services. Many libraries have all kinds of marvelous resources residents can access. This can include databases with thousands of job leads as well as magazine subscriptions and access to other libraries all around the world. Many libraries now allow people to use their library card to access this data from home with nothing more than a current library card. You can also renew books that you have out.

4. Find a Pet For Adoption

If you want to adopt a calico kitten or bring home a retired racing greyhound, you can find use the net to find out information about what pets are available for adoption in your area. Many local area shelters maintain websites where they post data including pictures and detailed descriptions of each animal’s age and needs.

5. Shop For Food From Home


Most people walk through the aisles of their local supermarket at least once a week. Buying staples and restocking your pantry usually require at least a few hours of your time each week. Use the internet to avoid the long trip. A number of national grocery store chains offer delivery services. For a small fee, you can look through a list of groceries online, pick out what you want and then have it delivered a short time later.

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