What Condo Living Is like ?

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What Condo Living Is like
Living in a condo can be seen as so different from living in alternative accommodation. This can be attributed to the community feel that a great condo can have and depending on the placement of the condo too.
Plus Points
If you were thinking about living in a great condo then you will have the added benefit that you solely are not responsible for some or all of the maintenance of the building it will be divided up between the residences, making condo living cheaper. Having a connection with the others that live in the building, taking care of your investment as a group and not just on your own.
  • Great people that you can get to know.
  • Great home that you can love and enjoy.
  • A place to make your own, and to find that balance that makes it so.
  • Potentially having some really great neighbours that you will grow to love and care about.
Common Ownership
Having the common ownership with others it will mean that you will have something in common with these people and it will bring you together and this will be unique. You will never experience strangers that have the same goals, to live in a home that is maintained and special to that group of people only. It is one that can work in harmony and it can also be a disastrous relationship too.
  • Making the best of your condo that you can.
  • Keeping everyone happy
  • Making the best possible home for everyone that you can.
As a way to make condo living work the HOA was established. It is a group of people in the condo working together to make it possible for the whole of the house to be looked after and cared for. There can be others that can be involved but it is purpose is there for the condo and making living in a shared building possible.
  • The rules and regulations can be annoying.
  • You will have to pay them money for maintenance costs
  • It might be just what you are looking for.
The Worst Points
The bad points of living in a condo are the fact that you have to agree with the others to make the decisions regarding the building. You can’t just do something because you want to; it has to be something that all the residents agree to. You might be lucky enough to have some really great neighbours, but on the other hand they might be the worst neighbours possible and you will be stuck with them. You will have to abide by a lot of rules and regulations and it can sometimes feel that you actually don’t own your property. But the rules are there to protect you to.
  • Following rules that sometimes can seem harsh or even out dated.
  • Having no control of who owns the condo with you.
  • Having to attend meetings with regard to the HOA.


This article, written by Matthew Anton, explains some of the good points and the bad when it comes to condo living. Matt share these thoughts with others to help them to decide if condo living is for them. If you wanted to find out more information about living in a condo then the site that you need to visit is this http://www.seattlecondoreview.com/, it will give you so much information and answer any questions.

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