5 Ways To Impress Your Boss With Accurate Reporting

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5 Ways To Impress Your Boss With Accurate Reporting:
Without accurate reporting a business is not only prone to but likely to fail in most circumstances. Financial, sales, and marketing reporting are key to a business’ success. With accurate reporting, a business is able to see where they stand in the market against their competition. Accurate reporting also shows where the business stands in the current market, what market share they own, what trends and products are successful or unsuccessful, whether they are holding the correct amount of inventory, what ad campaigns are working and which aren’t, what products and markets they may be missing out on, how the company stands financially, and much more! If you’re an analyst or assigned a special reporting project with your business, use these tips to impress your boss with accurate reporting to get noticed and help your company succeed.

#5 Be Detailed

When preparing a report, be as detailed as possible. Think of all possible variables that may affect your report. For example, if you’re preparing a report about how a product performs in different regions of the country, think of what factors may affect those regions such as weather, customer types, etc. Be sure to include this type of information so that your report will include as much information as possible to provide the decision-makers with everything they need to make a good business decision.

#4 Include notes

Include notes and good interpretation in your reports. Not everybody can look at a spreadsheet of numbers and know exactly what they’re looking at and people can’t read your mind so interpret the information for them and make it easy for them to understand.

#3 Stick to the objective

Many times people start pulling data and developing a report and before they know it, they’ve gotten off subject. Stick to the objective of your report/project and include as much information as you can about the objective without including too much other irrelevant information.

#2 Make the report presentable and proofread

All reports are easier to read and understand if they’re prepared in a presentable manner. When you’re finished preparing the data be sure to sort and organize the data so all of the details come together to produce a point and all of the information needed to make a decision or see where the business stands in the subject. Nothing will impress your boss more than an accurate report that looks nice and is easy to read. Most bosses don’t have enough time to try to figure out a report and nothing frustrates them more than wasting time. When your data is prepared, proofread multiple times to insure that your numbers are correct. Once you produce a good flow of portraying the data, at headers and sections. If you really want to go above and beyond, include pictures, graphs, and call-outs to point out the most important points and information. Once you have your report totally prepared, proofread again and your boss will be proud!

#1 Use a good reporting program


Programs such as Domo can significantly assist with gathering and reporting data. Domo will not only wow your boss but likely everybody in your office. Domo has a great business dashboard softwarefor more information and see how this amazing software can simplify all of your business reporting needs!

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