The Website Ahead Contains Malware! How to remove ?

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The Website Ahead Contains Malware! How to remove ?:
Your website might be listed with a note as The Website Ahead Contains Malware! Google Chrome has blocked access to  for now. Even if you have visited this website safely in the past, visiting it now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.
Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion.
This warning may pop-up if you try opening in google chrome. This will make your site blocked for access by public and reduce site visibility in google search engine. Even there is an option to click on proceed with your own risk.
Now the question is how to remove this tag?
The probable reason for such warning might be an account of your website contains some Malware which will make the user of your site unsafe. The personal information of the users of your site might be hacked due to Malware installed on your website.
First step will be bring down your website and clean up the content of your site by using a good clean-up tool. After that upload the content and make your website live.
Once you’re sure your site is free from any infected code and content, you can request a malware review.
This step will-not solve your tag from Google. You need to notify Google to Request a malware review
On the Webmaster Tools Home page, select the site you want. (Register in webmaster if you havenot enrolled yet)
Click Health, and then click Malware.
Click Request a review
Before submitting kindly check your website if it is free from malware using the link given below:

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