Download SSLC Text books for free

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Download SSLC Text books for free:

Using the link provided below one can download Needed chapter in PDF form. You need to select a particular medium, class and subject on the left side and click on the <view> OR the <download> button. Clicking on the <view>button would open a web page in a new window. This web page would provide the list of the chapters of the selected text book, as hyperlinks.
Clicking on a chapter title in this page would open the chapter itself in the form of a PDF file which can be viewed online.  You can also click on the SAVE icon in this window, to save this specific chapter on to your computer, giving a title of your choice. In case you do not want to view individual chapters, but want to download the entire text book onto your own machine, you can click on the <download> button. This would download a zip file, containing all the chapters of the selected text, onto the folder specified by you. Clicking on this zip file would extract all the individual chapters in form of separate PDF files. You will need a utility such as winzip, to unzip the zip file.

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