When to Get Occupancy certificate ? How to get Occupancy certificate ?

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When to Get Occupancy certificate ?:
Occupancy certificate is a very crucial document specially in case of an apartment in Bangalore. If there is no Occupancy certificate one will not get A khata which is very important documents for any Bank loan. Occupancy certificate will prove the building is as per plan and if any deviation is there in building means it is duly compensated in terms of penalty by the builder. Now BBMP has started issuing notices to many developers and buildings during construction stage and issuing stop work order if they are violating approved plan.
Occupancy certificate
Every person shall before the expiry of five years from the date of issue of licence shall complete the construction or reconstruction of a building for which the licence was obtained and within one month after the completion of the erection of a building shall send intimation to the Commissioner in writing of such completion accompanied by a  certificate in Schedule VIII certified by a Registered Architect / Engineer / Supervisor and shall apply for permission to occupy the building. The Authority shall decide after due physical inspection of the building (including whether the owner had obtained commencement certificate as per section 300 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976 and compliance regarding production of all required documents including clearance from the Fire Service Department in the case of high rise buildings at the time of submitting application) and intimate the applicant within thirty days of receipt of the intimation whether the application for occupancy certificate is accepted or rejected. In case, the application is accepted, the occupancy certificate shall be issued in the form given in Schedule IX provided the building is in accordance with the sanctioned plan.
Physical inspection means the Authority shall find out whether the building has been constructed in all respects as per the sanctioned plan and requirement of building bye laws, and includes inspections by the Fire Service Department wherever necessary.
If the construction or reconstruction of a building is not completed within five years from the date of issue of licence for such a construction, the owner shall intimate the Authority, the stage of work at the expiry of five years. The work shall not be continued after the expiry of five years without obtaining prior permission from the Authority. Such continuation shall be permitted, if the construction or reconstruction is carried out according to the licenced plan and if the Authority is satisfied that at least 75 percent of the permitted floor area of the building is completed before the expiry of five years. If not, the work shall be continued according to a fresh licence to be obtained from the Authority.
For all high rise buildings, the work shall also be subject to inspection by the officers of the Karnataka State Fire Service Department and the occupancy certificate shall be issued only after obtaining a clearance certificate from the Director of Fire Services.
Occupancy or letting of the new buildings – No person shall occupy or allow any other person to occupy any new building or part of a new building for any purpose whatsoever until occupancy certificate to such buildings or part thereof has been granted by an officer authorised to give such certificate if in his opinion in every respect the building is completed according to the sanctioned plans and fit for the use for which it is erected. The Authority may in exceptional cases (after recording reasons) allow partial occupancy for different floors of a building .

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