Indemnity Bond format for Gas receipt lost for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Gas connection

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Indemnity Bond format for Gas receipt:

This need to be taken on Rs.20 stamp paper and duly notarized. The Bond itself will act as receipt and it will help you for transfer / or surrender or re-in statement of Gas Connection if it is block due to KYC non-compliance.

This bond is executed on the    day of  __________By ____________________ called the customer indemnifier in Favour of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Southern region 738 Anna Road, Madras 600 002 there in after called the Corporation under the terms and condition hercafter mentioned.
Whereas the Customer has deposited an amount of Rs._________with M/s Distributors name  W/o are the authorized distributor of the Corporation to wards the issue of the LP gas connection in his favour and a subscription voucher was issued in favour of the customer by the afore said distributor recording there in the details of equipment loaned to him and also the amount issued by the distributor and here has the customer desirous of surrendering the gas connection as approached the distributor with a request to reimburse to him the said amount of Rs…………..on-basis-of-this-Indemnity Bond and without the production of the original subscription voucher the same have been lost by him.
Now in consideration of the distributor having made the payment of Rs._________ to the above customer. The customer agreed to indemnify and save harmless the distributor or the corporation from all the losses, claims suits or action which may arise out the payment having made to you.
The customer further declares the he has not received any other payment pertaining to the above transaction and in case he or any off his representatives or assignee receive such payment at any future date. The corporation and the distributor shall be fully be indemnifier against any such payment and any other incidental  expenses which the corporation/distributor may have to bear for recovers of aforesaid amount the customer further declares that he shall surrender the subscription voucher/s the the distributor in case he finds the same at the later date.
SV NO:_____________   DATE: __________   CUSTOMER NO: ________
CYL. AMOUNT: ________________
PR NO:…………….
SIGNED BEFORE ME                                                                                        CUSTOMER



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