Employee Unique Identification Number for Mutual fund selling agents to track misselling

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In terms above mentioned notification and SEBI circulars, employees/ relationship manager/ sales person of ARN holders who are engaged in marketing of Mutual Funds Products, are also required to pass test and register with AMFI, under ARN of the employer.

AMFI, has allotted Employee Unique Identity Number (EUIN) to all the employees, who are registered with AMFI and having valid registration. A photo identity card bearing EUIN is also being issued to the existing corporate employees after they surrender existing corporate employee ARN card issued to them.

The employees would be henceforth issued EUIN card containing EUIN, name, photo and validity period of EUIN.

The said EUIN is required to be mentioned on the Mutual Fund scheme application forms with effect from January 1, 2013.

EUIN issued to the employees would remain same, even if they change their employment and join some other ARN holder for selling/ marketing Mutual Fund products. However, for effecting such change in AMFI’s records, the employees are required to submit duly filled in form for mapping EUIN as stated here under.

The employees are required to fill up the form for mapping EUIN in the following scenarios and submit the duly filled in and signed form to CAMS along with required documents.

  1. To dissociate from present ARN mapping for doing own business.
  2. To change the EUIN mapping from present ARN to another ARN (in case of change of employment)
  3. To cancel EUIN.

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