Trace your lost Smart phone online | Lock your lost phone | Delete your lost mobile data

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + will facilitate in tracing your lost mobile, finding the location of your device, you can lock your device,unlock your device,sound an alarm,wipe all data from your device just by sending sms to your mobile.
One can visit 
  1. Visit the Anti-Theft webpage: and log in using their registered email to do the above activity.
One must download this apps from Google play store using the link given below before enabling this feature.
Once you register your smart phone you will get an email details of how to deactivate by sms Simply text any of the following codes to your device and make sure to maintain the case-sensitive letters.
To find your device:
Text: LocateMyPhone Unique code
To lock your device:
Text: LockMyPhone Unique code
To unlock your device:
Text: UnLockMyPhone Unique code
To sound an alarm:
Text: ScreamMyPhone Unique code



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