How to qualify in US visa interview for students ? | Student visa to US tips

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We look at three aspects, said vice-consul at United States of America consulate in metropolis,Adam Kotkin,at an interaction here.
These square measure your admission proof to a school within the United States of America together with registration with the department of Homeland Security (done by your college),
  • your ability to pay your fees
  • your real purpose of attending to the United States of America,in this case for studies,
he said. If we discover you have got lied to United States of America, you could be barred from attending to the United States of America,
he added.8K STUDENTS VISA PROCESSED 102In 2012,the United States of America consulate processed around 8,000 student visas.Were getting ready for the new student visa procedure, Kotkin aforementioned. Regarding the H1B visa rejection rates,which square measure hovering at uncomparable high for Indian IT cos within the current financial year,Kotkin aforementioned theres a cap of regarding sixty five,000 for non-immigrant visas for individuals of all nationalities.The decision to extend the quota lies with the Congress and also the President.As of now,Indians square measure the one largest seekers of this category of visa, he said.Apart from the general cap of sixty five,000 for H1B visas,mostly for executives operating for US-based firms,the government also problems 20,000 more such visas for those that elect advanced research courses within the united states.The last financial year (September 2011-October 2012) saw the United States of America consulate in Bharat process over 90,000 H1B visas.The second stage of the H1B visa screening lies with united states Citizenship and Immigration Services.The requirements for H1B visas from the consulate aspect square measure two-fold — you need to have the specified academic qualifications and employment within the United States of America, he said.

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