Register existing Borewell using form 4 | Download form 4

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How to register my existing Bore well?
For existing bore well owners
Download Form No 4  or the mines and geology departments website and submit it to the executive engineers office. The EE will give a unique number which you have to present at Canara Bank branches while paying Rs 50 through a challan Documents you need to submit with the form
i) Description of source of groundwater, such as type of well, exact location
ii) Lifting device used
iii)Quantity of groundwater withdrawal and hours of operation per day
iv)Total period of use in a year
v) Purpose for which groundwater is being extracted
vi)If groundwater is for drinking water, approximate population to be served For irrigation well
Location and extent of area irrigated and crops grown In case of the state and central governments, local authorities or community-run water supply schemes, details of services involved in addition to quantities of groundwater extracted,diversion or pumping points and their locations The entire process takes 30 days
Dead bore wells are those which don’t yield even a drop of water and have no pump installed. Only then will they be exempt from registration. Open wells too should be registered if a pump is installed
New Bore well as normal need to obtain license before digging
If you fail to register your bore well before April 3,you may have to cough up a fine of Rs 2,000 and even be jailed for up to three months.


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