Facebook and Job recruitment | How to use Facebook for as recruitment tool?

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How to use Facebook for as recruitment tool?:
If any workforce demand arises in any company or tiny unit what they’ll do? they’ll advertise the requirement either posters for unskilled jobs and free portal or paid postings in job sites if it’s for hot job or white color jobs.
If you venture into the market and ask for which is the preferred job web site in Republic of India we can get some names Naukri, Monster,times job etc…. Most of the businesses can have login access and job posting access to those job portals which can provide them some results like obtaining cv’s or walk-ins.
Some firms {will also|also can|will} hire job consultants for his or her immediate or a lot of number of demand WHO will screen profiles from portals , head hunt profiles etc.. to induce required needed skills.
These have become ancient method now for recruiters…… One will get very good result and networks exploitation social networking websites like Facebook, Linked-in
HR skilled or Recruiters will produce their profile in Facebook and send friend request to relevant profiles which are your targets like if you’re looking for BE- technologist with a pair of years expertise add those profiles in your friend list and you retain obtaining friend request in similar line. it’s not just the once effort a day you have to stay adding targeted profiles.
After this it’s like this you will be sitting on Gold mine and post your demand as posting on your wall which can be circulated too all of your members and their friends home page.
As a rough example if you have 500 friends in your Facebook profile every|and every} of them have around three hundred each simply see the maths…. 500*300= 150000 simply see the reach of your postings…
This will be an incredible tool for recruiters / hr Professionals to induce required profiles in time at free of value.

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