Apply for PF transfer online | transfer your Provident fund balance online

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Apply for PF transfer online | transfer your Provident fund balance online:
“We have decided to set up a central clearance house which will be operational on July 1. This will enable subscribers to apply online for settlement of the withdrawal and transfer of funds claims,” EPFO’s Central Provident Fund Commissioner Anil Swarup told reporters at PHD conference.
“The biggest problem faced by the subscribers is transferring their accounts on change of job. This central clearance facility will expedite the process”, he added.
The facility can change subscribes to trace on-line the status of their applications for transfer and withdrawals.

However, the EPFO’s formidable plan to give permanent account number to any or all subscribers would be possible by early next year.

“It would be wiped out 8-10 months. Since the process of providing permanent account number to any or all subscribers can take time, we thought of fixing central clearance house 1st,” he said.

Under the new system, the burden of verifying the main points of the PF account from previous employers would get on the EPFO. At present, workers have to get their applications verified from their employers for settlement of claims.

“The burden of obtaining the detail of the PF account verified from employers would get on the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) within the new on-line system for transfer and withdrawal claims,” Swarup aforementioned.

Now itself subscribers to PF will check their claim status and file grievance on-line if they did not get their final settlement.

One also can realize their PF balance likewise on-line.


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