Apply for changes corrections in Tax Deduction Account Number

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Apply for changes or corrections in Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) card data through an online form by Income Tax Department. Users can apply for changes or corrections in TAN data by selecting appropriate category. Details about procedure of applying online for changes or corrections in TAN data, processing fee, required documents, mode of submission of documents and category of applicant are also available.


(a)Applicant will fill TAN Change Request form online and submit the form.
(b)If the data submitted fails in any format level validation, a response indicating the error(s) will be displayed on the screen.
(c)The applicant shall rectify the error(s) and re-submit the form.
(d)If there are no format level error(s) a confirmation screen with data filled by the applicant will be displayed.
(e)If the applicant requires any amendment to this data, it can choose the edit option, else it shall choose the confirm option.
(f)For Changes or Correction in TAN data, fill all mandatory fields (marked with *) of the Form and select the corresponding box on left margin of appropriate field where correction is required.
(g)TAN change request can be made for ‘change of category of the applicant’ only if category is erroneously mentioned in the Income Tax Department (ITD) TAN database. For example if ABC Ltd. is categorised as ‘Firm’ in ITD TAN database the category can be changed to ‘Company’ which is the correct category.
(h)For Cancellation of TAN, fill all mandatory fields in the Form, enter TAN to be cancelled in Item No.6 of the Form and select the check box on left margin. TAN to be cancelled should not be same as TAN (the one currently used) mentioned at the top of the Form.

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