How to get Duplicate Driving License | Apply for duplicate DL

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A person holding an efficient driver’s license issued by a legitimate licensing authority solely is enabled to drive a motorized vehicle in any public place. Such person is entitled to drive the vehicle belonging to the particular category of vehicle
which is mentioned in his/her driver’s license.
In case of loss of such driver’s license, the holder of the driver’s license will apply for a duplicate driver’s license.
Some states may insist for the FIR registered at the nearest (jurisdictional) police station by mentioning the Name and Date of birth of the applicant.
A) Copy of the VALID DRIVING LICENCE, if any:
copy of the Driving License which is issued by an authorized licensing authority which is effective as on the date of application for issue of duplicate driving license.However, there may be some additional fee viz., user charges/service charges etc., that may vary from State to State. To know more on these details, please follow the link “Get Fee Details of a State”.
One can apply online

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