How to apply for International Driving License ?

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How to apply for International Driving License ?:
International Driving Permit is a document which enables the citizens of India to drive motor vehicles in other countries as a stop-gap arrangement till they obtain the driving license of that country.

A valid passport issued by our country.
Visa/permission to visit the particular country.
Air tickets, if any.
Six number of passport size photographs

Applicants can apply ONLINE for International Driving Permit by following the link “Updations to my Driving license”.
  • Applicants can also take the print out of the duly filled-in ONLINE application along with the reference number and the same can be submitted at the chosen RTO office.
  • Wherever the ONLINE transactions are not enabled, the applicants shall submit an application using the unified form/Form-4A to the jurisdictional licensing authority.
The validity international driving permit is for a period of 1 year from the date of approval by the licensing authority.

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