Digitalization of Cable Services deadline on 31st of October 2012 | Digitalization of cable TV in india

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With just one day to go for introduction of complete digital access for television in four Metro cities, the plan for switchover from analog is mired in doubt and a sense of under-preparedness.
Most of the TV’s yet to switch to digital mode to watch cable TV.
CAS had warranted that only pay channels are encrypted, under Digital Addressable Systems (DAS), all channels can only be telecast in digital format and will require a set-top box.
Govt. of India has passed an ordinance mandating the digitization of Cable Services?
An ordinance has been passed by the Govt. of India on the mandatory digitization of the Cable Services. According to this amendment made in the section 9 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Ordinance, 1995, the I&B ministry will make Digital Addressable System mandatory. This measure will empower consumers to an increased number of channels and high quality viewing.
The concept of a prime band will be passé after introduction of digitization. Viewers will be able to access digital services only through a set top box (STB). Eventually, you will be facing a black out of analog signals in major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai post October 31st 2012, in cities with more than one million populations like Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore by March 31, 2013, the deadline for complete digitization in urban areas is September 30, 2014 while the entire country is expected to achieve digitization by December 31, 2014.
Every Household in India must have a Digital Set Top Box post these deadlines to be able to watch Satellite TV.
What is a Digital Signal? How are they superior then Analog signal?
In a digital signal, the receptivity is much clearer and all the channels have the same reception quality. As both the signals are received at the same time, there are no issues with the synchronization of sound with video.

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