Water management and planning for Bangalore | Water crisis in Bangalore

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In my earlier blog post Ground water level in Bangalore I have explained water crisis which will trigger Bangalore due to unplanned city development. This summer i.e. coming months will bear the heat. Just to add to this update Thippagondanahalli Reservoir The water body acts as a major source of drinking water for western part of Bangalore supplying up to 125 MLD is dry now.
The western part of Bangalore which was hit by the same is getting Carvery water from stage 4th  once in 4 days that too for some hours.
This time we had a bad monsoon and water level in KRS dam is also very less has started with the programme of rationing water between Bangalore and Mysore.
Ground water level in most of the areas has started decreasing due to high temperature as seen in Bangalore. As predicted year by year due to global warming summer temperature in most of the cities is hitting northern direction.
This will add addition burden to cities water crisis. Now Government has come up with permission concept for digging bore well. There are many Eco friendly concept oriented apartment developers who are working towards this Eco friendly apartment development like Eco BCIL which will be a need of the hour for future generation.
If we visualize the lateral growth in house field in Bangalore future will be a situation with no water anywhere. Government must plan for water management for current growth and future development . Failure to act now will lead to a situation of Garbage like crisis in Bangalore.
Ground water level needs to be properly re generated during rainy season to increase the ground water level, Water recycling in all Big apartments must be made mandatory failing to do so will create sever water crisis and ecological imbalance which has to be tackled now.
We are already late for this water planning and one need to use precious water carefully which will be help in conserving precious water.

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