Footpath riding may cost your Driving license | Parking on Zebra crossing will result in Fine

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You may receive fine for traffic violation like jumping signal, No parking , Using mobile while driving addition to the same list ,just think on which zebra crossing you stopped and waited for the signal.
Camera will capture the image if you cross park your vehicle on Zebra crossing.
It is a bad habit to stop the vehicle on the zebra crossing.It is meant for people to cross the road.The CCTVs at traffic junctions will capture the images of such offenders and we shall book them for signal jump, Saleem said
We would have seen many footpath riders due to big traffic que in signal but dont be surprised if your license get cancelled an account of this. Many licenses have already been cancelled for such act.
Two wheeler beware!!!!!


Majority cases were booked during peak hours and mainly in the central business district,statistics say.
Two-wheeler riders who seem to be in a hurry to reach their destinations use footpaths to beat traffic jam,caring little for the safety of pedestrians.In the process,they cause injury to pedestrians.Additional commissioner of police (traffic) MA Saleem defines such footpath-riding as uncivilized behavior.

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