What is wet waste ? What is dry waste? | Bifurcate waste at your Home

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Bifurcate Dry and wet waste at home or else end up paying penalty.
What is Wet waste?
Cooked and Uncooked food (vegetarian and Non-veg) fruit and flower waste and small quantity of fallen leaves and similar compo stable material
Dry waste:
Includes all types of recycled paper plastic , wood , rubber ,metals,fabrics,wire,rag,leather,Rubber furniture , thermocol
Garden waste:
Includes fallen leaf sweepings, large trimming of branches , lawn trimmings and weeds in quantity
Sanitary waste:
Includes menstrual coths, sanitary napkins,disposable diapers,bandages and any material that is contaminated with blood and like
Household hazard wastes:
Do not include industrial or trace wastes but refer to toxic wastes likes tube lights, CFL bulbs and fluorescent batteries and button cells , cleaning agents , paints , oils , solvents, chemical cosmetics,insecticides and medical disposables.
Occupier includes any person for the time being paying or liable to payer or liable to pay to the owner the rent or any portion of the rent of the premises.
All occupiers shall keep all types of waste and discard within their premises until collected by authorized persons as mentioned below:
They shall not mix wet waste with any other types of waste.This wet waste shall be handed over daily to specified wet collectors at specified times.The BBMP undertakes to provide for daily collection of such wet waste at the Gate or doorstep of such premises.
All wet waste shall be unloaded directly into the bins or vehicles brought to the occupier’s door step or nearest access point.No wet waste shall be handed over inside plastic bags or non-bio gradable bags.If wet waste is plastic BBMP collectors may reject to accept or ask to remove plastic bags.
Occupiers shall retain unwanted dry wastes withing their premises to be handed over to the specified dry waste collectors on specified days of the week or month to be intimated ward wise to all occupiers.
Occupiers may also personally deliver their dry wastes to any of the dry waste collection centers setup by BBMP.
Sanitary waste marked with red mark wrapped in newspaper handed over along with wet waste.
No wastes of any kind shall be deposited at any time by occupiers on the streets,public spaces or vacant sites and violation attract fines.

Dry waste collection center details


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