Apply for US Visa online | Visa for US from india goes online

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Apply for US Visa online:
Applying for US visa is never easy task for any one irrespective of purpose business, travel or education or job.. Now it is some extent streamlined by adopting the following steps. One neednot have to visit Only HDFC bank to remit fees but they can transfer online using neft. one can create profile and start applying for visa to US online.
Under the new process, more applicants will be able to complete visa requirements without having to visit the US embassy or the consulate.
US visa applicants can now pay application fees via electronic fund transfer (EFT) or through mobile. They can also pay in cash at more than 1,800 Axis Bank branches, said chief of consular services, Martha J Hass, at a press meet here on Tuesday and added that it however, doesn’t change the visa laws. The new system allows first-time applicants to schedule appointments online or by phone and allows companies and travel agents to purchase multiple fee receipts for group travel and it accommodates the scheduling of group and emergency appointments.
Visa applicants can now contact via telephone, email or online chat. The call centres will be open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday. The numbers are 91-120-660-2222 or 91-22-6720-9400 in India or 1-310-616-5424 in the US. Applicants can email in English or Hindi at or can directly chat with the persons concerned from the consulate’s website during call centre hours.
As compared to earlier one can schedle 2 appointments at a time.

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