Karnataka Government to reimburse IVF cost to it’s employees

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In a decision that will benefit its women employees who are childless,the Karnataka government has decided to treat infertility as an ailment and will reimburse medical expenses for its treatment.
The cabinet meeting on Thursday approved the proposal to treat infertility through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as a disease.Such a system already exists at the Centre since November 2011.
The reimbursement will be up to Rs 65,000 or the actual cost,whichever is lower.This amount will be inclusive of the cost of drugs,professional charges,disposables and monitoring cost (blood test and scanning charges).
Right now,because there is no provision for the reimbursement of expenses on this treatment under the Karnataka Government Servants (Medical Attendance ) Rules,1963,state government employees cannot claim reimbursement.
Reimbursement requests triggered decision on IVF
Bangalore: The state government has decided to reimburse the cost of infertility treatment to its women employees following many representations.
Law minister S Suresh Kumar said after Thursdays cabinet meeting : The director of health and family welfare services has given his opinion stating that this could be considered for medical reimbursement.Since other medical expenses are being reimbursed by adopting the rates fixed under the Central Government Health Scheme in the state,it was then decided to provide reimbursement of medical expenses for IVF.
A woman undergoing IVF treatment should be between 21 and 39 The woman should be living with her husband Reimbursement of expenses incurred on IVF will be allowed up to a maximum of three fresh cycles
Request for IVF treatment will be considered only on the basis of advice by a head of the department of gynecology & obstetrics in a government medical institution
The dean/director of a government medical college can give permission for IVF treatment on the recommendation of the head of the department of gynecology & obstetrics of a government medical institution
IVF will be allowed on a case-tocase basis in private medical institutions if these are registered with the state/central governments

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  1. A good scheme by the Karnataka government that reimburses the cost of IVF treatments to its employees. Government employees are now free to look for treatments at renowned and reliable private fertility clinics in Bangalore and elsewhere.

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