GPS navigation system of Google map | Auto harassment relief

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Auto drivers taking for you for a ride Tired of asking around for directions in the city Google Maps Navigation is here to rescue you.
Just by pushing a button on your smartphoneyoucangetdirectionstoyour destination and live traffic updates along the route,free of cost.The only cost you must pay is for data usage to your mobile operator.Google Maps Navigation is an Internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voiceguided driving directions as a free feature of Google Maps on smartphones running onAndroidversion2.2orlater.Theservices went live in Bangalore,New Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Pune and Hyderabad,on Wednesday.They will be extended to other cities in the coming months.
Google offers voice search with English (India) option to provide for local accent.Users can select whether they want walking directions or driving directions.
The apps killer feature is live traffic updates by broadly dividing the status of traffic in your route as red,orange or green ranging from congestion,to minor delays to normal traffic.Users can check current trafficstatusbyenablingtheTrafficlayer on  (for desktop browsers ) or in Google Maps for mobile (on their smartphones).However,the navigation system comes with a disclaimer.Data for live traffic comes from android phone users,who have agreed to share data with Google,and are on the same route as you.

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