Update on North-East attack rumour|Attack on NE just a rumour

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Karnataka chief minister Jagadish Shettar assured the northeast people living in the state of full protection from the government.
There is no attack on anyone as reported till now. No need to worry the news on attack on North east people is just a rumour.

Meeting northeast people, who had come in large numbers to CM’s home office on Thursday, Shettar said not even a single incident of attack on northeast people has taken place in the state. There is no need to panic. What you have heard is rumours. You people have lived here for many years and have become one among us. Leaving state is not good news. We will assure you full protection,” the chief minister said.

Following spreading of text messages that people from northeast would be attacked by a section of the society as retaliation to attack on Muslims in Assam, as many as 6,800 people left Bangalore in 3 special trains on Wednesday night. “Nearly 1,000 people are expected to leave tonight. We have requested them not to leave Bangalore,” home minister R Ashoka said. All the trains were given security until Karnataka boder on Wednesday night.

As a confidence building measures, the police have been told to deploy good number of their personnel to the areas where northeast people reside in large numbers. “Patrolling the area will be done. This apart, security will be provided to the properties of those who have already left Bangalore. Police will be holding peace committee meeting involving all the sections of the society,” Shettar said. Elaborate security arrangement have been made on and after Ramzan, he added.

Sending a stern warning, the chief minister said he will not allow Karnataka to be a place for clashes on region, caste, race grounds.


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