One House One Gas connection | Multiple Gas connection from different agencies not allowed

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One House One Gas connection
The domestic LPG cylinders are sold at subsidised rates, and the total subsidy during 2012-13 ls eigoected to be around   crore. The liquesed Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply  Distribution) Order. 2000 as amended on 10′ September, 2009 issued under the Essential Commodities Act 1955 (10 ol 1955) therelore permits only one LPG cooking gas connection at a household.
Customers having more than one gas connection in hislher household address must surrender hisher multiple connections immediately. Any violations are liam to be punished with  under section 7 of the Essential Commodities Act Consumerslhouseholds who will he left with only a single cylinder ccnnemion after surrendering the other ocnnectlons) will have the option oi converting the remaining
connection lnto a Double Bottle Connection (DBO).
The Oil Marketing Companies (IOC, BPC and HPC) are identilying consumerslhousehold addresses with multiple connections within and across companies. These will be blodred nil all multiple connections are surrendered. The wslomer would have to approach the hisher latest Proclol identity (P01) and Proof ofAddress (POA) documents and any other documents prescribed, bll up the Know Your Customer (KYC) lorrn and submit the same lor reactivation of one domestic connection
For suggestions, complaints, queries or feedback pertaining to LPG cocking gas, Petrol  Diesel supplies and services feet tree to the toll-tree number 1300-2333-555

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