Key Features of Revised Schedule VI – Statement of Profit and Loss

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Key Features of Revised Schedule VI – Statement of Profit and Loss
• The name has been changed to “Statement of Profit and Loss” as against ‘Profit and Loss Account’ as contained in the Old Schedule VI.
• Unlike the Old Schedule VI, the Revised Schedule VI lays down a format for the presentation of Statement of Profit and Loss. This format of Statement of Profit and Loss does not mention any appropriation item on its face. Further, the Revised Schedule VI format prescribes such ‘below the line’ adjustments to be presented under “Reserves and Surplus” in the Balance Sheet.
• As per revised schedule VI, any item of income or expense which exceeds one per cent of the revenue from operations or Rs.100,000 (earlier 1 % of total revenue or Rs.5,000), whichever is higher, needs to be disclosed separately.
• In respect of companies other than finance companies, revenue from operations need to be disclosed separately as revenue from (a) sale of products, (b) sale of services and (c) other operating revenues.

• Net exchange gain/loss on foreign currency borrowings to the extent considered as an adjustment to interest cost needs to be disclosed separately as finance cost.
• Break-up in terms of quantitative disclosures for significant items of Statement of Profit and Loss, such as raw material consumption, stocks, purchases and sales have been simplified and replaced with the disclosure of “broad heads” only. The broad heads need to be decided based on materiality and presentation of true and fair view of the financial statements.

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