How to get income tax e-filing password? | Get income tax password

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Taxpayer who are registered on E-filing portal of Income Tax department i.e. may sometime forget the password which is required to login on to website. In that case one of the option to retrieve password is that taxpayer opt for send of new password on his Registered Email ID which he specified when he first registered on E-Filing portal.
It is possible that taxpayer may not able to access the above registered email id for any of the following reasons :-

1. He do not remember the Email ID on which he registered

2. He forget the password of registered email id

3.  Registered email id belongs to someone else i.e employee of the taxpayer, Consultant etc. and he is not aware who this email id belongs and even if he knows it is possible that they  refuse to provide password sent by department.

In all the above cases taxpayer to login into his account on income tax portal taxpayer can request a new password by writing a email on the email id mentioning his NAME, PAN & Registered Address with Income Tax Department. Once done with this, taxpayer will receive the password of the Income Tax e-filing account within 48 hours on new email ID.


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