Children below 7 and applicant above 80 exempt from US visa interview

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If you have been Issued a U.S Visa earlier, you might qualify for a visa without a visa interview.
Please note that children under 7 and applicants above 80 years are not required to appear for an interview under any circumstance
Children under seven years of age are not required to appear for a non-immigrant visa interview after completed visa form is submitted. An applicant would not have to pay visa fees again if he reapplies after his application had been earlier kept on hold or shown pending for various reasons under section 221g of US visa rules.

Non Immigrant Visa Interview Waiver Eligibility Checklist: Please review this information for the requirements of nonimmigrant visa interview waiver eligibility for visa renewal applications submitted at any U.S Consular office in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or Kolkata)
To determine whether you may be eligible to renew your nonimmigrant visa without appearing for an interview, criteria are as mentioned below

I have a previous U.S. visa in the same class as the visa class for which I wish to renew.
My previous visa was issued in India.
I am applying in the consular district where I want my passport delivered.
I confirm I have no refusals for a visa in any category after my most recent visa issuance.
If I am applying for a B1/B2 or C1D visa, my prior visa in the same category expired within the last 48 months or is still valid. or,
If I am applying for a J2, L2, or H4 visa, my prior visa in the same category expired within the last 12 months or is still valid.
I understand that if my visa was issued before January 1, 2008, I may be required to submit fingerprints at a consular section.
My prior visa does NOT have the annotation ’’Clearance Received’’
If your answer to above question is ‘’Yes’’ , you may be eligible for Visa renewal/re-issuance without a Visa interview.
Please print a copy of this page and submit it with the following documents to the nearest VFS U.S Visa Application Centre, located under the
respective Embassy or Consulate where you intend to apply. For address and submission timings please refer to
1. Original Passport (old passports to be attached if you have the previous U.S visa pasted on it).
2. DS -160 nonimmigrant visa application confirmation sheet.
3. Original HDFC receipt (Embassy copy)of visa fee and service charges Receipt activation takes up to 2 working days from the day of payment at HDFC bank.
4. 1 Photograph with white background (2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size. Specifications available on the VFS website.
5. Copy of DS – 2019 for J2 applicants.
6. Copy of I- 797 and primary applicant’s visa copy for H4 and L2 applicants.
7. Copy of joining letter and original CDC for C1D applicants.
Note that eligibility for interview waiver does not guarantee a visa issuance nor does it guarantee that an interview will be waived. Although your visa interview maybe waived, you may still be required to appear for fingerprinting.
Any necessary notifications will be made by the email address listed in your DS 160 online application.

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