Manufactured sand ready in Karnataka | New sand policy in Karnataka boom to construction industry in Karnataka

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New Sand policy in Karnataka:
There has been huge mis-use of sand as extracted in various means and shortage of sand also led to sand mafia to create filter sand which will create danger to the building by the use of such sand. Now we have manufactured sand which is duly tested by Indian institute of science to add confidence to the users.
Over the time, construction and infrastructure industries in Karnataka have boomed and demand for construction materials especially sand has grown many fold.Over mining of sand from the river has ill effects such as :
  • Reduces the water head, which results in lower ground water level.
  • Destroys the flora and fauna in the surrounding areas.
  • Erosion of nearby land due to excess sand lifting
The growing gap between supply and demand of natural sand gave the rise to the illegal filter sand business which is washing sand from the soil and selling it as sand . This is deter mental to the quality of construction and also a criminal act and the Government has banned production and sale of filter sand.
Considering this, The Government of Karnataka identified as alternative to natural sand which maintains the ecological balance . Tired , tested and used the world over, this option , Manufactured sand is manufactured in a VSI (Vertical Shaft imprecate) in a separate plant through separate machinery. Various tests were conducted by IISC, Bangalore and their reports shows that manufactured sand is not only a viable alternative to natural sand, but is Superior  as the following points illustrate:
  • The appropriate quality of rock suitable for construction can be used for manufactured sand.
  • There is no clay content
  • Scientifically graded to comply with BIS ( IS 383-2007)
  • Customising the different grades depending upon the need of construction Ensures consistent quality throughout the construction cycle.

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