m-khanija and e-khanija in karnataka | How to track movement of minerals in Karnataka

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m-khanija : (m-permit)
It is one of the best solutions for quarry and other minor lease holders who have inadequate IT infrastructure at their disposal. m-khanija will allow the lessee to get mineral dispatch permit any time through mobile based SMS application for the trasportation of minir minerals.
e-khanjiha : (e-permit)
it is highly secured web based solutions for the mining lease holders. After the successful submission of payment in advance,lessee can apply for bulk permits for particular miners and grade. After getting the approval from the concerned district office , he can get bulk permit having unique number. On the basis of the approved bulk permit, lessee can generate the e-permits having unique trip sheet number any time at the mine head. Anyboby can verify the genuineness of the minerals being carries by SMSing the trip sheet number to 9879529274 to the DMG server which will automatically send back a sms containing detailsed information regarding mineral transport.
e-Return for the minerals in the country started for the first time in the Department of Mines and Geology of Karnataka state covering all the details with respect to the lease holders and buyers.
The buyers of the minersals are also bound to file the returns on monthly basis. The same returns system allows the mineral buyers who are called end-users to file their returns in the prescribed format electronically.
The information submitted through e-Return will help in any kind of system audit of the lessee/ end users for the minerals produced/dispatched/payment made etc…
e-Return along with e-payment system will provide a complete and fool proof  tracking of minerals from the mines to the end users.

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