How to remove black tint from car by ourselves? | How to remove black sheet from Car?

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Deadline for removing sun film on cars is  5th of June 2012 : As per the recent supreme court judgement over Alarming rise in heinous crimes like kidnapping, sexual assault on women and dacoity acts are committed using vehicles having black film. This follows a Supreme Court directive prohibiting their use across the country.
Heinous crimes like dacoity,rape,murder,kidnapping and even terrorist acts are committed using vehicles having black film The use of black film also leads to road accidents.It also prevents traffic police from communicating with the driver, says a release from the police commissioner.
There are many centers catering to removing sun films but removing black tint from car glasses is not a big deal. You can remove the same by yourselves. Just take a small blade or sharp object peel the black at the edge of your glass tear it freely and easily. It will come out. You will find the glass dull just wipe it with some lubricant. it’s done ……

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