Trai regulation on Mobile Banking service | Mobile Banking quality of service regulation

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Trai regulation on Mobile Banking service:


Mode and Time frame for delivery of message for mobile banking. ―
(1) Every Access Provider, acting as bearer, shall facilitate the banks to use SMS, USSD and IVR to provide banking services to its customers and deliver the message generated by the bank or the customer within the time frame specified in sub-regulation (5).


Every Access provider shall ensure that in case SMS is used for mobile banking transaction, a report confirming the delivery of the message is sent to the customer or the bank, as the case may be:
Provided that every service provider shall, establish, if network permits, through mutual agreement with the bank, a system to ensure that if SMS sent by the bank is not delivered to the customer, the system shall trigger USSD communication to the customer confirming the completion of the transaction.


An Access Provider may allow the bank to use WAP or STK to provide banking services to its customers and shall comply with the time frame for delivery of the messages generated by the customer or the bank specified in sub-regulation (5): Provided that the Authority may, from time to time, specify any other means
of communication and its quality of service parameter for delivery of message.


Every Access provider shall ensure that for availing the banking services such as cash deposit, cash withdrawal, money transfer and balance enquiry, the customer is able to complete the transaction in not more than two stage transmission of message in the case of SMS or not more than two stage entry
of options in the case of USSD and IVR.


(5) Every Access Provider shall meet the following time frame for delivery of the messages generated by the customer or the bank relating to banking services provided to the customers, namely:-
Sl.No. Means of communication Time Frame
1. SMS Response time <= 10 seconds
2. USSD Response time <= 2 seconds
3. IVR Response time <= 10 seconds
4. WAP Response time <= 10 seconds
5. STK Response time <= 10 seconds


Provided that the expiry time for SMS shall be seventy two hours; Provided further that in the case of an USSD communication triggered by the system referred to in sub-regulation (2), the time frame shall start from the time USSD is triggered by the system.


Every Access Provider shall ensure that if SMS is used for mobile transaction the SMS, sent by the bank, shall be sent as transactional messages through separate telecom resources, as provided in the Telecom
Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010 (6 of 2010) dated 1st December, 2010.


Quality of service parameters for m-banking communication. ― (1) The Network Service Quality Parameters for Cellular Mobile Telephone Services as specified in the Standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service (Wireline) and Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Regulations, 2009 (7 of 2009) shall apply to all m-banking messages.


Security requirements for m-banking communication. ― (1) Every Access Provider shall protect privacy and security of m-banking communication and ensure the confidentiality of end-to-end encryption, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation of such communication.


The response time for delivery of message for mobile banking services generated by the customer or the bank will be within the prescribed time frame of up to 10 seconds for SMS, IVR, WAP and STK and up to 2 seconds for USSD. For mobile banking, the service providers will need to meet the quality of service standards laid by TRAI for mobile telephone services.

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