Refund failure status | How to get back income tax refund which are returned back to department?

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If you are looking for non-receipt of your income tax refund????
There are more than 1 lakh refund failure status with CPC with many reason.  The reason may be wrong account number/ Neft code or incorrect Bank information or change in your postal address.
1800-425-2229 or 080-43456700 pr visit following link to know the status of your refund.
if you wish to get back your refund visit following link
Refund failure status
Use this query to find out if your refund could not be issued due to missing/incorrect mandatory fields or if the refund was returned due to reasons such as address not found, etc. Please note that, if the query does not fetch any details, it implies that either the e-return has not been processed so far, or no refund was due, or refund has been delivered successfully.

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