How to get Person of Indian origin card in Bangalore? | How to apply for PIO card ?

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How to apply for PIO card ?

The FRRO Bangalore office also processes applications for P.I.O. cards to those foreigners of Indian origin who have either entered India on a long term entry visa and intend to stay in Bangalore or are already registered at this office, for all other persons of Indian origin the applications can be either processed at FRRO Delhi, Kolkata or FRRO Chennai office if they intend to stay at the above addresses or else they can apply with the Joint Secretary(F.),PIO Cell, Foreigners Division, Ministry of Home Affairs, Jaisalmer House, 26 Mansingh Road, New Delhi.

PIO (Person of India Origin)

Where and how to apply for the PIO Card?

1. An application for issue/renewal of a PIO Card shall be made in the prescribed form accompanied by documentary evidence to show that the applicant is a person of Indian origin.

2. Prescribed application form can be obtained from
The office of the
Foreigners Regional Registration Officer,No.55, Double Road,
Near Indiaranagar ESI Hospital,
Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560038.
– The form is available on website:

3. An application for issue of a PIO Card shall be made to an Indian Mission in the country where the applicant is ordinarily resident.


Applicants already in India on Long Term Visa (more than one year entry visa) shall make the application for issue of a PIO Card at FRRO Office.
*(If applicant is registree of FRRO, Bangalore then he can apply in FRRO Office, Bangalore.)

For more details call :080- 25202052 (Between 10.00a.m. to 04.00p.m. on Monday to Friday)

Requirements for the application for PIO Card.

The application for the PIO Card as well as its enclosures/requirements (in triplicate.)

The enclosures/requirements are as under:

1. Applicant’s passport with at least 6 months validity and 3 months valid visa.

2. Applicant’s Residential Permit of F.R.R.O., Bangalore valid for at least 3 months.

3. Applicant’s first arrival Indian visa. (Long term visa, one year or more)

4. Applicant’s birth Certificate for linkage, if applied on the basis of parents.

5. School/College/University Certificate, if the applicant has studied in India.

6. Applicant’s earlier passport or Parent’s Indian Passports or Grand Parent’s Indian Passports with proper linkage documents. (if parents or Grand Parent’s were previously holding Indian passports then their presents foreign passports also)

7. Spouse Indian passports if applied on the basis of married to Indian.

8. Marriage Certificate issued by “Marriage Registrar” in India.
(if marriage held abroad then solemnize/certified marriage certificate by Indian mission where marriage was held.)

9. Employment/business documents of the applicant, if he/she is employee in India or having business in India.

10. Proof of residence in India of the applicant such as- Landline Telephone Bill or Leave & License agreement or Electricity Bill etc. (excluding Mobile)

11. 5 passport size photographs (35 mm × 35 mm with clear background ears clearly visible, no spectacles and caps.)

12. D.D. of Rs.15, 000/- for adult & Rs. 7,500/- for minors (below 18 years) in favour of DDO, Bureau of Immigration, Bangalore. (After 1week from the submission date of PIO application.)

13. All original documents to be produced for verification.

14. The process of issue of P.I.O. card would take minimum period of atleast 60 days.

The issuance of PIO card is subject to the guidelines & rules framed on this regard by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, regarding eligibility, qualification etc.

Note: Granting of PIO Card is the sole discretion of the Government of India and acceptance of Forms in any manner does not constitute any right that PIO card will be granted. Apart from the above documents additional supportive documents can be asked for in certain cases.
Overseas Citizen of India Applications are also accepted at FRRO Bangalore office for which a detail information is available on website. – Foreigners Division, Overstate Citizen of India – online Registration.

In brief the eligibility is as follows: The persons who were citizen of India on or at anytime after 26-01-1950 or were eligible to become Indian citizen on 26 January 1950 or belonged to a territory that became part of India after 15thAugust 1947 and their children and grandchildren, whose present nationality is such that the country of nationality allows dual citizenship in one form or the other under local laws, will be eligible to be registered as OCI.

Applicants are requested to kindly register online on the above site and come to this office with hard copy (3 sets along with documents) after obtaining online registration no for eg. INDB10063710 for speedy process.

The documents required for OCI are as follows in three sets.

1. Application form duly filled in triplicate alongwith documents.
2. Applicants present passport at least 6 months valid of passport & 3 months valid Indian visa or Copy of P.I.O. card (if holding P.I.O.card).
3. Copy of Registration Permit, if applicant arrived in India prior 90 days at the time of O.C.I. application.
4. Applicants or applicant’s parents or applicants grandparent’s previous or current Indian passport (if previously holding Indian passport then current passport also)
5. Applicant’s birth certificate, if applied on the basis of parents. (if applied on the basis of grand parents then parents birth certificate as well present passport showing proper linkage.)
6. Applicants Marriage certificate if applied on the basis of Indian passport on maiden name.
7. Three photographs of 55 mm x 55 mm size without border on light colour background, with ears clearly visible, no spectacles and caps. (Not on white or off-white background).
8. If difference in name or alphabet on the Indian passport Gazette copy for change of name or Petition for name change or Deed Poll for name change.
9. Demand Draft of Rs. 14,230/- for each applicant drawn in favour of “Pay & accounts officer (Secretariat) MHA payable at New Delhi.” For those already holding PIO card may submit DD of Rs 1,290/-.

OCI Miscellaneous applications will be accepted after online registration on above said website in OCI Miscellaneous Services. After online registration number will be generated like INDMK0085209. For said services application form along with documents in duplicate is required for further process. In case of loss / damage of OCI documents, the service would be granted after personal interview.

Apart from the above documents additional supportive documents can be asked for in certain cases.

Note: Granting of OCI Card is the sole discretion of the Government of India and acceptance of Forms in any manner does not constitute any right that OCI card will be granted. Apart from the above documents additional supportive documents can be asked for in certain cases.



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