Remove your unused car from Public footpath or else BBMP will tow it away

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Footpaths to be rid of unused cars :
If youve an unused or old car parked outside your house,remove it within a week or the BBMP will tow it to the dumping yard.The BBMP patrol for such cars starts on Friday.
If you have a scrap or old car parked outside your house on the footpath or on the roadside,better remove it within seven days or the BBMP will tow it away to the dumping yard.On Thursday evening,BBMP commissioner MK Shankarlinge Gowda appealed to the people who have their old or unused or scrap cars parked outside their houses,creating a traffic hurdle and public inconvenience,to remove them.
He has given a week’s time to Bangaloreans and ordered the ward engineers to go patrolling from Friday and identify vehicles.After seven days,the patrol team will come back again.If the vehicles are not removed by then,they will be towed away and dumped in the dumping yard.
Though the Department of Urban Land Transport (DULT) and BBMP had framed a parking policy for the entire city which heavily discourages on-road parking,the BBMP chief said that this has nothing to do with the parking policy.Its about old and rusting cars only which have been parked for a long time, he said.
As per the DULT policy,vehicles parked on roadside or footpath will be charged more for parking which will discourage people to park their vehicles on the road for more time and encourage them to use multi-level parking stations built by BBMP or the Traffic and Transit Management Centres (TTMCs) built by the BMTC.

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