Parking in No-parking area leads to DL cancellation | Driving licence may get suspended

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Parking in No-parking area has become a nuisance and at the same time trouble for rest of the public who are driving on the road and general public walking on the street. Public have to become sensible in terms of problem faced by other due to their careless parking of the vehicle in the mid of the road where it is clearly marked as No-Parking or side of the road creating a traffic jaam.
To over come this problem Bangalore police has come up with this idea.


Next time you park your vehicle in a noparking zone,be prepared to lose your licence.
Exasperated with erring drivers who park their vehicles in no-parking zones and get way with paying fine,traffic police have decided to recommend to the regional transport office to cancel driving licences of repeated offenders (three times in this case).
Additional commissioner of police (traffic) MA Saleem : Tackling offenders who violate parking rules is a big menace for us.It is sad to see the so-called elite and educated lot flouting rules openly.Many park their posh cars near malls,shopping complexes,hotels and other public places and just walk away.When traffic police intervene,they just ask how much fine they have to pay.We have to end this.If we find a driver repeating the offence three times,we will cancel his/her licence.
Last week,we booked a woman for wrongly parking her car near her daughter’s school.To our surprise,we found her parking in the same place the very next day,saying she is ready to pay fine as she doesn’t find the time to park elsewhere and walk all the way to school,
Traffic police said parking at wrong places slows down movement of other vehicles and also troubles pedestrians.If parking is full on Brigade Road,the driver keeps waiting by stopping his car on the main road.This forces other vehicles to slow down and ends in a gridlock.It is high time stern action was taken against such repeated offenders, Saleem said.

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