MAT exam may be cancelled soon | MBA no more dream post graduate degree for all

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The 24 year old, reputed MAT exam, conducted every year 4 times , by AIMA , stands on the edge of being discontinued soon. In the recent past, we have seen many MBA entrance exams being cancelled , including FMS entrance, JMET, etc. and MAT might be one of them. However, AIMA may contiue the exam for privately held institutions and B-schools.
Government aims at having lesser and lesser test windows to assist the students and reduce the pressure on them of writing too many aptitude exams for MBA Entrances.
65 management schools may shut as business dips .On the academic floor,the MBA programme was once supreme.Arrogantly and unambiguously,it became the final sign-off to schooling,attracting not only those interested in business but also all those who wanted to master the tools of management.
The Indian management education sector grew so wildly when demand was rampant (today there are 3,900 management schools with close to 3.5 lakh seats) that supply overshot demand by a long straw.And now comes the fallout.In a dramatic though not entirely unexpected development,as many as 65 business management colleges across India are planning to close down

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