Wear seat belt or pay fine | Seat belt for car mandatory from Feb 2011 in Bangalore

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Now the speed limit for car in Bangalore is 60KMH but don’t be ready without seat belt in your car as cops will ask you to pay penality!!!!!
Before you rev up the car engine into life,make sure you wear the seat belt,or cough up a fine of Rs 100.
Beginning February,the Bangalore Traffic Police will strictly enforce a law that was in cold storage for long.Additional commissioner of police (Traffic) MA Saleem : January will be a month of campaign to tell drivers and front-seat passengers to wear seat belts.From February,those violating the law will be fined Rs 100.
The decision on enforcing seat-belt law was made after the police increased the speed limit from 50kmph to 60kmph. As of now Seat belts are a must in metros like Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata and Chennai.
Deputy commissioner of police (traffic-east ) B A Muththanna said wearing seat belts helps reduce head injuries during accidents.The Indian Motor Vehicles Act makes wearing of seat belt mandatory and we are enforcing just that

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