Solar water heater mandatory for new home in Bangalore | Use solar energy and conserve energy

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Solar water heater mandatory for new home in Bangalore:
With the government planning to reduce dependence on electricity by promoting use of solar energy, Bangaloreans will have to install solar water heaters in their newly constructed houses. The government has said solar water heaters are a must in new houses in Bangalore.
Energy minister Shobha Karandlaje on Thursday said the decision was taken in view of the acute power crisis. “Solar lights will be used in government offices. The central and state governments have given more than 50% subsidy on solar items,”
Using costly power to heat water is waste of resource where in we have plenty of solar energy avaialble at free of cost. Solar has to be made mandatory for all houses in karnataka state. We can save lot of energy demand during peak hours.
In all public places like parks, streets we need to have solar in place to reduce power consumption at leaset 10 to 11 months in a year. The government move to provide subsidy for the solar water heater should be extended to even lighting systems as well.

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